Decide Already

Decisions occur every day and can be frequent within a day. There are many times where it can be extremely tough to make a decision, even simple ones like what to make for dinner. Decide Already can’t come at a better time as I have so many decisions I need to make. So, why not scrap about them!

And what’s even better?  Decide Already is part of the Gotta Grab It at Gotta Pixel.  Each individual piece is only $1.00 each or grab the bundle for $4.00!

GGI_112014LRT_decidealready_BDpreview  LRT_decidealready_EPpreview LRT_decidealready_PPpreview LRT_decidealready_WApreview LRT_decidealready_APpreview


anita robin Rae  judymelly2 jennyshellby holly donna web_myguy

Thank you for stopping by!  Happy Scrappin!


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Sneak Peek

It’s sneak peek time.  This week I have this item coming exclusively to Gotta Pixel as part of the Gotta Grab It!  Come visit my facebook page for a chance to win a copy!


Don’t forget about all my amazing DSD deals that end Nov 6th!

Grab Bag #1 – packed with 16 templates for only $4.00!LRT_2014DSDgrabbag1previewGP LRT_2014DSDgrabbag1preview

Grab Bag #2 – Includes 3 full kits, 2 paper packs and an alpha for only $6.00!LRT_welcomebaby_grabbagGP_sneak LRT_welcomebaby_grabbag_sneak

The November Buffet is currently going on!  Grab my full kit for only $2.00!  Here’s my contributions! (available exclusive at my Gingerscraps shop).  LRT_helloautumn_FKpreview LRT_helloautumn_PPpreview LRT_helloautumn_WApreview LRT_helloautumn_EPpreview

My exclusive kit at Gotta Pixel is all about Baseball and is currently only $3.00!  LRT_swingbatter_FKpreview

October Sky Collab with Lorie of LJS Digital Designs is currently only $3.50!ljs_lrt_octobersky_previewGS

And a reminder that my entire shops (excluding collabs & bundles) is at 50% off!    Gingerscraps Shop   |   Gotta Pixel Shop iNSDJPG

And don’t forget about the Gingerscraps Facebook Hop!  Here’s my freebie for you!GS_FamilyGameNight_FBpreview

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It’s DSD!!!!

It’s finally Digital Scrapbooking Day!  Can you believe it?!  Now it’s time to check out all the sales, challenges, activities, chats, blog/facebook hops and of course all the amazing deals!  Sorry for the long post, but I have soooo much to share with you!

First up!  Be sure to join me in a couple of chats today for the chance to win some prizes.web_chatschedule2014DSD

I have been very busy the past few weeks and I have lots to share with you.  First up!  I’m so excited to be guesting at Gotta Pixel for the month of November.


Part of being at Gotta Pixel, I’m celebrating with a new product that is available exclusively at Gotta Pixel.  By the request of one of my CT ladies and of course because of the World Series just ending, I created Swing Batter.  Remember – Swing Batter is available EXCLUSIVELY at Gotta Pixel for the month of November and it’s currently on sale!

LRT_swingbatter_FKpreviewanita judy kimberly rae

Next is my amazing grab bags!  I created two this year.  One is a template pack that contains 4 sets of 4 templates for a total of 16 templates for ONLY $4.00!

LRT_2014DSDgrabbag1previewGP LRT_2014DSDgrabbag1preview  jenny_block em_cheeky web_candid-silly em_box

The next one is all about babies.  It contains 6 full products and it’s ONLY $6.00!  But they will only be grab bags and at this amazing price through November 6th.LRT_welcomebaby_grabbag_sneak LRT_welcomebaby_grabbagGP_sneak  holly_yellow_box-maybe jenny_kitty_boy melly_all web_mylittleMAC_LRT_cheeky_template2

And it’s Bake Sale time!  The beginning of the month is always the $1.00 Bake Sale over at Gingerscraps.  This month I have three items for only $1.00 each.  Plus it’s extended to Nov 6 to celebrate DSD!11-2014   Good Night Sleep Tight | Rock Paper Scissors | No Worries Templates

I also partnered up with my fellow Gotta Pixel Guest – Lorie with LJS Digital Designs.  We created this bright and colorful collab to celebrate reaching for your dreams.  We were inspired by the movie October Sky starring Jake gyllenhaal.  ljs_lrt_octobersky_previewGS ljs-lrt-octobersky-previewGP  anita holly melly robin

And I have more because with it being the first of the month, it’s also Buffet time!  This month we had a gorgeous fall colors palette to work with.  I went with the fall them and created this!  LRT_helloautumn_FKpreview  LRT_helloautumn_WApreview LRT_helloautumn_PPpreview LRT_helloautumn_EPpreview  jenny kimberly melly2 mine

And last but not least – check out of I have going on including my sale and of course the Gingerscraps facebook hop!iNSDJPG

Here’s a peek at what I have as a freebie for you via the Gingerscraps Facebook Hop.GS_FamilyGameNight_FBpreview


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More Goodies Coming

I have been very busy getting ready for DSD and I have a total of 5 products releasing this week.  Two are huge grab bags, a collab, the November buffet and an exclusive product that will be available ONLY at my guest shop.

Make sure you visit my facebook page to enter to win the collab, the November buffet item and my exclusive guest shop product.  Also, if you can guess where I’ll be guesting for the month of November, you could win a $5 gift certificate to my shop.

Here are all my sneak peeks for this week!

Here’s a peek at my collab with LJS Digital Designs.  We were inspired by the movie October Sky starring Jake Gyllenhaal.  Visit my facebook page for a chance to enter and win a copy!octobersky

This little goodie was inspired by one of my CT members.  She asked for a baseball themed kit and well, I just couldn’t let her down.  This will be exclusive to my guest shop come November 1st.  Visit my facebook page for a chance to win a copy.swingbatter

I don’t know about you, but I just love our monthly Buffets at Gingerscraps.  This month we have a gorgeous color palette that just reminded me of this time of the year – Fall.  Visit my facebook page here for a chance to win it.helloautumn

And DSD is not complete without a couple of grab bags.  I have 2 coming to Gingerscraps on Thursday Oct 31.  One pack is a set of 4 template packs for a total of 16 templates at a ridiculous price.  And the other is a collection all about babies.  One of my CT ladies shared some exciting news with me a couple of weeks ago that she was expecting a baby girl.  I happened across this color palette and I just had to create a baby collection.  This grab bag will be priced ridiculously low also!dsd

In addition to the new products and awesome grab bags, I will also be involved in a facebook hop with the Gingerscrap ladies, a 50% off store-wide sale and two separate chats.  Both chats will occur on Saturday.  One at Gingerscraps and one at my guest shop.  The Gingerscraps chat will be at 11:00 am EST in the Gingerscraps chat room.  The other chat will be in my guest shop’s forum (place to be announced) at 5:00 pm EST.  And I’ll be c0-hosting it with Lorie of LJS Digital Designs.  So mark your calendars!!DSD2014_50off

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Sneak Peek DSD 2014

November is a busy month!  First, we have DSD coming this weekend, then the Buffet at Gingerscraps along with the amazing Bake Sale!  AND I’ll be guesting at another shop!  I have been very busy preparing for DSD and my guest spot.  Here is a peek at what I have coming this weekend!  Two HUGE grab bags for DSD, the November Buffet and a collab with one of my favorite designers that will be exclusive at my guest shop!

Here’s a few sneak peeks of my DSD items along with my November buffet.  The collab peek will be coming soon!dsd

And coming for the November Buffet!!  Visit my facebook page for a chance to win a copy!helloautumn

So get ready for a fun packed month and DSD!!!

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DSD is coming – R U Ready?

Can you believe it’s almost time for DSD?  I have been preparing for the past 3 weeks for DSD and I can’t wait to share it with you.  In addition, for the month of November, I’ll be guesting at another shop.  And to get things started, I have a little contest going on over on Facebook.  Those that guess correctly, the shop I’ll be guesting at in November will be entered into a drawing for $5.00 to my shop.

So, come on over to my facebook page for a chance to enter!

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Pumpkin Fun & a freebie

It’s October which means Halloween is just around the corner and that means it’s time for carving pumpkins.  My boys just love to create they jack o lanterns and then my oldest has to have roasted pumpkin seeds.  Pumpkin Fun was created to showcase all of our carving memories.  And what’s even better, it’s only sale for 30% off this week.  LRT_pumpkin_FKpreview  ctinspiration  mish shellby robin melly1 kimberly  holly  judy jenny gina2 em  freebiesLRT_pumpkin_blogpreview   And newsletter subscribers can pick up this freebie (along with a 10% discount)LRT_pumpkin_NLpreview  Thanks so much for stopping by!  Happy Scrappin!

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10-10 Sneak Peek

It’s Sneak Peek time.  This week I’m getting ready for Halloween with pumpkin craving.  Visit my facebook page to enter for a chance to win.   

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Her Blocks

This month’s  buffet colors worked perfectly to release a lego inspired kit just for “her”. Don’t have any “girl” legos, it works perfectly for everyday occasions too.  And what’s even better?  It’s on sale for 50% through Oct 5.    Grab the kit for only $2.00, the alpha for $1.50, the solids for only $.75 or grab just the elements or papers.       LRT_herblocks_EPpreview LRT_herblocks_PPpreview    ctinspirationmish2 sarah shellby web_iheartlegos deanna  mish melly judy jessica    em hollyjenny

Don’t forget about the monthly Bake Sale.  Here’s what I have for October.  Each is only $1.00 but only through Oct 5, 2014.  10-2014  Over Forty | In the Kitchen – Cooking Add On | Box of Crayons Templates

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Scrappin!


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His Blocks and a freebie

Do your children love to be creative with Legos and Mega Blocks? His Blocks {full kit} is a fun, cheerful, and brightly colored kit that will work perfectly for all those creative moments. Also available are the His Blocks {bonus alphas} to give your pages that finishing touch! But wait, it gets better! Buy the Kit and get the Bonus Alphas for free through October 2nd. Don’t miss this awesome deal!   LRT_hisblocks_previewFKhisblocks ctinspiration michi shellbyweb_legomaniajessicajudyemdeannajennyfreebiesLRT_hisblocks_previewBLOG    And newsletter subscribers can pick up this freebie (along with a 10% discount)LRT_hisblocks_previewNL    Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Scrappin’!

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