Stretch your Stash – Using Ribbons

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the mojo just isn’t working and I get in a rut or stuck.  Well, there are quite a few ways to use ribbons on your layouts to help get the creative juices flowing.  Here are a few samples:

Tuck them into a cluster to give it a bit more definition: 

Use them to create a unique background. 

Make a banner with different ribbons and a string

Use a ribbon to hang a photo 

And they always work great to use in layering with paper strips. 

Try using ribbons on your next layout and see what inspiration you can develop.  Here’s a few other ideas to try too:  (1) Use them as a frame (2) Fill corners with them (3) split up your pages with them (4) Line your journaling. 

Happy Scrappin’


About jmljensen

Plain and simple, I'm addicted! To digital scrapbooking that is! About 3 years ago I discovered digitial scrapbooking and haven't looked back.
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