On the Frozen Lake Now Available

When Jennifer released her latest kit to the creative team, I had to go look up photos on the Internet to see if this was something people really do. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe her, it was more I couldn’t believe people would do this. I am not a big fan of the cold. When it is cold, the only sport I care for is watching soccer while ensconced in my bed. (Yes, I am a wimp, but I am good with that.)

With that, I tip my hat to those who enjoy adventure in the cold and here is your first look at On the {Frozen} Lake:


The kit works for both frozen and regular fishing. I even learned words and phrases I had not heard before. I am impressed with this kit because it has the elements we expect to find in a kit, as well as covering all the small details to really make your fishing layout standout.

Take a look at what the creative team made with the kit:


This week the giveaway was held on Facebook. Thank you for responding and sharing your ideas with us. Using random.org the winning comment is:


Congratulations Suzie Swickard Limber! Please send an email to littleradtrio@gmail.com.

Enjoy the new kit and have a great week!

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