Last Chance!!!

Today is my birthday which means the birthday celebration is coming to an end!  To celebrate, my shop is 43% off but for today only!! bdaysaleJPG


Pick up the Birthday Grab Bag which include a full kit, set of 4 templates, a full alpha in 6 colors and some extras for only $5.00 (retail value of $16).  LRT_bday_grabbagpreview

It’s also your LAST CHANCE to Buy My Shop for only $43 (valued at over $400).  LRT_buymyshoppreview

And it’s also your LAST CHANCE to grab my birthday gift exclusively to my fans!   You can grab the alpha here (scroll down for links), the papers on my facebook page and the elements in my newsletter.LRT_rockpaperscissors_previewAP

There are 3 downloads for the alpha so make sure you grab all three of them. Links will only be valid through May 29th.

ALPHA 1  –  ALPHA 2   –  ALPHA 3

LRT_rockpaperscissors_previewEP LRT_rockpaperscissors_previewPP   Get the elements via my newsletter and the papers on my facebook page.

**PLEASE NOTE:  all links for the Rock, Paper Scissors free kit will be disabled come May 30th.  And the last chance to collect the elements is to be signed up for the newsletters no later than May 29th at 9:00 am**

Thanks so much for being a fan and celebrating my birthday with me.  Don’t forget to upload your layouts to my gallery and I’ll leave you some love.



About jmljensen

Plain and simple, I'm addicted! To digital scrapbooking that is! About 3 years ago I discovered digitial scrapbooking and haven't looked back.
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One Response to Last Chance!!!

  1. Pam K says:

    Happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day!!

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