Open Galleries to share your gorgeousness….

Is that even a word??LOL anyway I often look for open galleries, you know ones where your not bound to use the products of that particular store unless you want to of course. The main rules are though that you can only credit the designer of said kit and or template but share no links outside of this particular store gallery. I love this! I post everywhere and anywhere possible. I think I may have over 20 different accounts for my layouts. I even use more than one for completely open galleries such as DigiShopTalk (DST) and DigiChick. I love the no holds barred feeling of being able to not only credit the makers of my supplies but the links to where you can find them if you so choose to.

Here are a few of the galleries I know of and if you have anymore I would love a comment or an email.

DigiShopTalk or DST as it’s more commonly known: Is completely open with no rules as to outside links. The only downside is you can only upload up to 5 images a day.

Scraps-N-Pieces: You may post here openly as well but no outside links and you must credit the designer(s) and you are limited to posting up to 10 images a day.

GingerScraps: You may post here with any products as long as you of course credit the designer and such using no outside links. You are allowed to post up to 8 images per day.

Scrapbird: Open gallery here also with the same credit rules and no outside links but you can post as many images as you wish per day.

Digichick: This has a completely open gallery. You may post links for the products you use as long as your not making an ad (not sure what that would entail..LOL but nonetheless) You are not limited as to how many images you can post, so post and post away I say….

Plain Digital Wrapper: This is an open gallery but no outside links and credit the designer(s) please. You may post up to 8 images a day. This is another open gallery with rules of no outside links but crediting the designer(s) is a must. There are no limits as to how many images you may post here. Fabulous!!

Well, I hope you found at least a couple new places you didn’t already know. Until next time, I will be scrolling through all of the beautiful layouts contained throughout these wonderful galleries and maybe soon will be having a GSO (Gallery Stand Out) or two, or three….. posted here using Little Rad Trio’s products!


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SAHM of four and Nana of 3...married to my soul mate for 21 years. I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia just to name a couple of diseases although I have many other problems.
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One Response to Open Galleries to share your gorgeousness….

  1. tammymorgan71 says:

    Another one is Pixel Scrapper – open gallery and super-friendly community!

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