Time for a Bake Sale!

Beware the Ides of March!! Or… just run over to Gingerscraps and check out the monthly Bake Sale! Here’s a look at what Jennifer has in this month’s sale:

Bake Sale Preview

Two awesome kits and one set of templates – all on sale for just $1.00 EACH!!! Here’s a closer look (previews are linked):

layout by judy 1

With “Welcome Baby” Kit:


layout by apottingerlayout by Rae 1

With “Kittywampus” Templates:

kittywampus2 kittywampus3 kittywampus4 kittywampus1

layout by jenny 1



With “Full of Luck” Kit:




layout by Judy 2 layout by Julia layout by leslie layout by Melly 1 layout by Melly2 layout by Holly

I’ll see you all at the Bake Sale!! Better hurry, because these prices are only good through Friday!

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