A Trip to DC and other news!

Here we are, just a few days away from the 4th of July – Independence Day – the day we celebrate as our nation’s birthday. And our family just got back from a fantastic trip to the nation’s capital. So I’m feeling even more patriotic than usual, and really needing to scrap our vacation photos…. and this is the result! It’s called A Trip to DC, and it’s a part of the Gingerscraps July Buffet! In case you’re not familiar with the Buffet, all of the kits have coordinating colors, and they’re offered at a whopping 50% off – but only for a limited time! (Previews are linked to the store.)

Full KitLRT_triptoDC_previewPP LRT_triptoDC_previewEPWord Bits

ctinspirationDonnaEm JennyJenniferKPMelly Robin Shellby ta merkinsJudy

And I have another little piece of news… I will be a featured designer at Scrap Stacks for the month of July! I have created a mini-kit called In A Meeting for the July Scrap Pack. The Scrap Pack is a collection of kits from different designers, all packaged together at the amazing low price of $5.00! Here’s a look at my contribution:

Mini Kitand here’s a look at the full Scrap Pack:


ctinspirationHere’s a look at what Robin and Judy have done with just my portion of the Scrap Pack:

Robin (mini template) Judy (mini template)



I’ll also be featured on the Scrap Stacks blog later this month, so keep your eyes open for that!

Have a great week and a fabulous 4th of July!




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