Oldies But Goodies!!!

I don’t have a new release for you this week, but I do have some great templates for you! This is a set of 6 templates that are being recycled. These have been given out as freebies in the past, so you may have seen them before. If there are any you missed out on any of these, now is a great time to grab them! They’re all available in one place, and they’re 30% off right now! And here they are… Play It Again Vol. 2 {templates}

Play It Again Set


Template 1

Temp 1 Donna Temp 1 JenniferTemp 1 Tammy

Template 2

Temp 2 MellyTemp 2 Donna Temp 2 MichiTemp 2 Jenny

Template 3

Temp 3 Jennifer

Template 4

Temp 4 Jennifer

Template 5

Temp 5 Judy Temp 5 Tammy

Template 6

Temp 6 Donna Temp 6 Judy Temp 6 Melly Temp 6 Sandy

I hope you enjoy these, and have a great weekend!

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