Everyday Moments

Everyday moments. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that make you smile or even laugh out loud, even though there’s nothing special about the day. It’s just another day. Nothing monumental. And you think you’ll remember that special little moment… I hope you do. Because I’ve forgotten more of those little moments than I care to admit. And I wish I had written them down right after they happened. Because they’re worth remembering.

Well that’s what this kit is all about. Memorializing the everyday. It’s not a birthday, or a party, or a holiday, or a vacation… it’s a day just like any other. But now you can scrap about those special little moments that happen on everydays!


Everyday Moments is 30% off the first week! Plus, if you’re a Newsletter Subscriber, you’ll get a little something extra! (You still have time to sign up!)



Layout by Judy


Layout by Michelle


Layout by Teri


Layout by Jenny (template: Cherish Us by Dear Friends Designs)


Layout by Donna (template: January Template Challenge 1 by Kristmess Designs)


Layout by Dawn


Layout by Dana

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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