Last Chance to Participate in a Fun Challenge and Grab an AWESOME Coupon!

We’re almost to the end of the month…. so time is running out on the Designer Spotlight Challenge in the Gingerscraps Forum this month!


Here’s how it works…

For this Challenge you MUST use 90% products ONLY from Little Rad Trio (exception: you may use a template from another designer).

That’s right! Go through your stash and use only products from Little Rad Trio. We understand that you might be introduced to my designs for the first time, in order to help you get started on your collection of goodies from me, I have provided a coupon for my shop! Also, remember to check the Welcome Wagon area for goodies, the GingerScraps Facebook page, as well as Little Rad Trio Facebook Page and remember to sign up for my newsletter to get monthly freebies and coupons.


So get those challenge layouts posted to the forum before it’s too late!! And it’s a great time to stock up using the 40% off coupon!


Don’t forget about Gingerscraps’ amazing Challenge Reward system. If you’re not familiar with it, keep reading…

  • Challenge Rewards:
    Complete any 10 challenges, and you will receive a brand new designer collab!
    Each month we will offer a brand new GingerBread Ladies collab as a reward for completing the GS challenges.
  • You will receive the collab of the month in which you COMPLETE your 10 challenges.
    For Example:
    You do 5 in March, 2 in April and 6 in May – you would get the May collab.
    You do 7 in March and 4 in April – you get the April collab
    You do 10 each month you get EACH Collab!! (BEST DEAL!!)
  • Challenge rewards will be sent out after the 5th of the month
  • All challenges layouts must have at least 50% of GS products – Daily Download and Welcome wagon counts. (See individual challenge rules for specific rules on usage such as Designer Spotlight Challenge)
  • Speed Scraps and Chats DO NOT count towards your challenge rewards (of course your host will usually provide fun goodies for all attending their SS or Chat)
  • Every challenge must have a unique LO. Meaning, you can not use the same LO for more then 1 challenge.
  • You are responsible for tracking your completed challenges, find the monthly tracking thread in the “Cookie Jar”, and follow the guidelines.

Complete any 10 challenges, during the month of February 2017, and receive this collab for FREE!!

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