It’s Time to Say Goodbye…

To some of my older products! I’m having a Spring Cleaning sale, and some of my older items need to go in order to make room for the new ones!


Yep. Everything in my Spring Cleaning Sale is 65% off through April 20th!!!! But act fast, because once they’re gone, they’re GONE FOREVER. So stock up now!!

DID YOU KNOW that you can use retired products (by active Gingerscraps designers) in your Gingerscraps Challenge layouts? Hmmm….

So here’s a closer look at everything I have in the Spring Cleaning Sale!

17757259_10210905525568491_7414670619633076095_nLRT_bowlingGS_FKLRT_beerGS_bundleLRT_beerGS_FK LRT_beerGS_WALRT_weddingpreview_FKLRT_weddingpreview_AP LRT_luck_WSpreview-01LRT_luck_FKpreview-01LRT_visitapark_previewB-01LRT_parade_previewFK-01LRT_sisters_FK_previewLRT_sisters_WA_previewLRT_pumpkin_FKpreviewLRT_welcomebaby_FKpreviewLRT_welcomebabyboy_FKpreviewLRT_welcomebabygirl_FKpreviewLRT_makinglist_BDpreviewLRT_makinglist_FKpreview LRT_makinglist_WBpreview-01LRT_snowmuchfun_previewBDLRT_snowmuchfun_previewFKLRT_truckinalong_FK_previewLRT_allaboutmom_previewFKLRT_missingyou_previewBDLRT_missingyou_previewFKLRT_bestiever_previewLRT_taketoday_previewLRT_rightwhere_previewLRT_trianglefrenzy_previewLRT_thelegend_previewFKLRT_wheretime_previewBDLRT_wheretime_previewFK LRT_wheretime_previewWALRT_celebratetheyear_preview_FKDFD_LRT_tapthat_previewFKDFD_LRT_tapthat_previewBD DFD_LRT_TapThat_Templates-01

There’s something for everyone in the Spring Cleaning Sale!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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