Last Chance!!

Today is the LAST DAY of the Spring Cleaning Retiring Product Sale!! Prices like this don’t come around too often – 65% OFF!!!! WOOT!!


But once today is over, these products are GONE FOREVER.

17757259_10210905525568491_7414670619633076095_nLRT_bowlingGS_FK LRT_beerGS_bundleLRT_beerGS_FK  LRT_beerGS_WALRT_weddingpreview_FK LRT_weddingpreview_AP LRT_luck_WSpreview-01 LRT_luck_FKpreview-01LRT_visitapark_previewB-01 LRT_parade_previewFK-01LRT_sisters_FK_preview LRT_sisters_WA_previewLRT_pumpkin_FKpreview LRT_welcomebaby_FKpreviewLRT_welcomebabyboy_FKpreview LRT_welcomebabygirl_FKpreviewLRT_makinglist_BDpreview LRT_makinglist_FKpreview LRT_makinglist_WBpreview-01 LRT_snowmuchfun_previewBDLRT_snowmuchfun_previewFK LRT_truckinalong_FK_previewLRT_allaboutmom_previewFK LRT_missingyou_previewBDLRT_missingyou_previewFK LRT_bestiever_previewLRT_taketoday_preview LRT_rightwhere_previewLRT_trianglefrenzy_preview LRT_thelegend_previewFKLRT_wheretime_previewBD LRT_wheretime_previewFK LRT_wheretime_previewWA LRT_celebratetheyear_preview_FKDFD_LRT_tapthat_previewFK DFD_LRT_tapthat_previewBD  DFD_LRT_TapThat_Templates-01

You can see larger previews of the kits and read more about it HERE.

Today is also the last day for the April Bake Sale!! These three full-sized products are only $1.00 each!!


Don’t let these prices pass you by!!

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