Two More Template Packs – Now Available!

My iNSD Template Grabbag is now completely open and all four template packs are available individually in the GingerScraps store! Last week, we revealed Best I Ever Had and Right Where I Need to Be.

This week, the last two packs are now available for purchase separately at GingerScraps! Let’s take a look at I’ll Take Today and Triangle Frenzy. Both are 30% off right now!

I’ll Take Today {templates}

I'll Take Todayctinspiration Judy (I'll Take Today)Jennifer (I'll Take Today 2) Jenny (I'll Take Today)Em Brenian (I'll Take Today) Donna (I'll Take Today)Jennifer (I'll Take Today 3) LynMeagan

Triangle Frenzy {templates}

Triangle Frenzyctinspiration Teri (Triangle Frenzy)Em (Triangle Frenzy) Shellby (Triangle Frenzy) Donna (Triangle Frenzy)Jenny (Triangle Frenzy)Melly MichelleMeagan Judy (Triangle Frenzy) Jennifer (Triangle Frenzy) EmBrenian (Triangle Frenzy)

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Have a great weekend, and happy scrapping!

~ Tammy

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The GingerScraps Bake Sale is Here!

As you all know, every month we have a HUGE Bake Sale at GingerScraps! From the 15th through the 20th, all sale items are only $1.00 each. That’s just as good as it gets!! Here’s what I have for you this month:


LRT_spreadyourwings_previewFKctinspirationSYW4 SYW1 SYW2 SYW3


KITTYWAMPUS {templates}

KittywampusctinspirationKW1 KW2 KW3 KW4



Welcome BabyctinspirationWB1 WB2 WB3 WB4


And Don’t Forget…

Best I Ever Had {templates} and Right Where I Need to Be {templates} are still on sale for 30% off through this Thursday!

Right Where I Need to BeBest I Ever Had


Happy scrapping!!

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Two Template Packs Now Available!

This week I have TWO template packs hitting the GingerScraps store. Best I Ever Had and Right Where I Need to Be are both 30% off the first week!

Both of these packs were a part of my iNSD 2015 Template Grabbag, so check your stash before purchasing.

Best I Ever Had {templates}

Best I Ever Had

Best I Ever Had is a great way to feature your photos. It has room for a little journaling and some embellishments, but the photos really shine with these templates. Here’s what the Creative Team has done with them:


Cindy (Best I Ever Had) Brenian (Best I Ever Had)Deanna (Best I Ever Had) Donna (Best I Ever Had) Em (Best I Ever Had) Em (Best I Ever Had)2Jennifer (Best I Ever Had 1)Jennifer (Best I Ever Had 4) Jenny Jennifer (Best I Ever Had 2) Jennifer (Best I Ever Had 3)Judy (Best I Ever Had)Lyn (Best I Ever Had) Shellby (Best I Ever Had) ShellyMeagan (Best I Ever Had)laShawn (Best I Ever Had) Michelle

Right Where I Need to Be {templates}

Right Where I Need to Be

Right Where I Need to Be has lots of fun banners! These templates make it easy to just grab your favorite photos and put a layout together in no time.

ctinspirationJennifer (Right Where I Need to Be 4)apottinger Cindy (Right Where I Need to Be) Deanna (Right Where I Need to Be)Brenian (Right Where I Need to Be)Judy (Right Where I Need to Be)Donna (Right Where I Need to Be) Em Jennifer (Right Where I Need to Be 2) JennyMelly (Right Where I Need to Be)Lyn Tammy Say Aah LRT Right Where temp (600)Meagan Teri (Right Where I Need to Be)

I hope you enjoy these templates! Have a great weekend!

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New This Week – Photo Splits 3 and 4

Good morning! I have two new packs of split photo masks for you this week! They can be purchased separately or as a bundle. Take a peek!

Photo Splits 3Photo Splits 4Bundle



Donna Melly1 Melly2Jennifer RobinDonna2

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

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Busy Week…. GingerScraps Buffet, iNSD Sale, and Goodies!

Well, this is going to be a bit of a long post, but that’s only because there’s so much exciting stuff going on!

May Buffet

To start everything off, it’s the first of the month and that means an all new GingerScraps Buffet! It’s 50% off May 1st – May 7th!! Here’s a look at my portion:

Full PreviewElementsPapersAlphaWord Strips

ctinspirationta-merkinsBrenian(2) Shellby Judy1 Judy 2Brenian(1) Jenny Donna Em

iNSD Grab Bag and Sale

Did you know about the store-wide 50% off sale at GingerScraps? My store is included in the sale (excluding collabs or bundles). In addition, I have a special for {inter}National Scrapbook Day! Today through May 7th, you can get this Template Grab Bag for only $4.00!! That’s FOUR full template sets – 16 templates total – for only $4.00!! Check it out and grab it at this amazing price while you can! (Full previews are available in the shop.)

PREVIEWctinspirationJennifer (Best I Ever Had 2)Brenian (Best I Ever Had) Cindy (Best I Ever Had) Em (Best I Ever Had)2 Jennifer (Best I Ever Had 3)Judy (I'll Take Today)Jennifer (I'll Take Today 2) Jenny (I'll Take Today) Brenian (I'll Take Today) Donna (I'll Take Today)Judy (Right Where I Need to Be)Cindy (Right Where I Need to Be) Deanna (Right Where I Need to Be) Jennifer (Right Where I Need to Be 4) Melly (Right Where I Need to Be)Teri (Triangle Frenzy)Em (Triangle Frenzy) Shellby (Triangle Frenzy) Donna (Triangle Frenzy)Jenny (Triangle Frenzy)

Facebook Hop

And finally, I’m participating in the GingerScraps Facebook Hop! Come on over to my Facebook Page and snag some goodies for iNSD!

Profile Pic

Also, my newsletter subscribers will be getting a fun little freebie tomorrow, which coordinates with Missing You. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you still have time!

Newsletter Freebienewslettersignup_blog

Happy iNSD, and have a great weekend!

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iNSD is Almost Here…

I just HAVE to tempt you a little bit…. Little Rad Trio has an awesome set at an AMAZING price that will be released tomorrow!! Want a little peek?

Sneak Peek - NO GIVEAWAY

Stay tuned….

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Sneak Peek to WIN My New Buffet Kit

We’re going to do this a little early this week…  Friday kicks off the GingerScraps Buffet, and that means a brand new kit! Here’s a little peek for you:

Sneak Peek

If you want a chance to WIN it, here’s what you need to do:

Go to the Little Rad Trio Facebook Page. Leave a comment on the Sneak Peek post there before Noon (CDT) on Thursday. Shortly after noon, I’ll draw a random winner from all the posts there.

Good luck, everyone!

~ Tammy

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New Kit, FREEBIE, and a HUGE Sale!!

Good morning, everyone! It’s Friday!! Well, we made it through another week, and there are lots of rewards for you today! Let’s start with this week’s new release. “All About Mom” is perfect for scrapping those wonderful moments with Mom. Maybe you spent the day with her for Easter. Maybe it was a family birthday. Or the two of you went and had pedicures together. “All About Mom” is perfect for scrapping special days or “every” days. Oh, and Mother’s Day is just around the corner!  And as always, it’s 30% off the first week!

Full Preview


ctinspirationMeagan1Meagan2MichiJen AtusiaapottingerBren2 Teri (ta_merkins) (Cluster Queen template)Jennifer (QWS template)Donna (SWL template) DeannaLynMelly1 (Seatrout photomask) Bren1JudyEm (DFD Tiles template) Melly2 (Seatrout WordyBits)(LRT template)


This weekend is extra-special…. it’s Little Rad Trio’s Design Anniversary!!  And to celebrate, Jennifer some incredible offers for you!!

2015-04-24 SALE AD

For four days ONLY – today through Monday – you can Build Your Own Grab Bag! You get to choose the products! Five individual products for ONLY $5.00!!

Here’s the fine print:

Choose ANY 5 individual products* from my shop and list them in the comments/notes section at the bottom on checkout. Links/coupon codes will be sent to you within 24-48 hours or sooner (Time Zone difference in play.) PLEASE NOTE:  NO coupons will be accepted on this deal and *excludes collabs and bundles.I

AND as if that wasn’t enough…

2015-04-24 SALE AD 2


And the fun doesn’t stop there! Jennifer has created these great embossed papers to coordinate with “All About Mom“… and they’re yours just for being a loyal reader! Click the preview below to download!

Blog Freebie

And there’s more!! Newsletter subscribers will be receiving this Bonus Alpha tomorrow… you still have time to sign up!!

Newsletter Freebienewslettersignup_blog





Have a fantastic weekend!

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Sneak Peek and Chance to Win My New Kit!

I have a new kit coming this Friday to Gingerscraps! Want a little peek?

Sneak Peek

If you want a chance to WIN it, here’s what you need to do:

Head over to my Little Rad Trio Facebook Page. Leave a comment on THIS SNEAK PEEK POST. Tammy will draw a random winner Friday morning, from all the comments there. Good luck!!

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April Bake Sale… PLUS… Fonts, Fonts, and More Fonts!

Good morning, everyone!  The weekend is almost here, and I have a little treat for you!!

First, I want to remind you about the Bake Sale going on at Ginger Scraps NOW through Monday. This is a SUPER deal!! Check out what Little Rad Trio has for only $1.00!

2015-04-15 Bake Sale

Aren’t those kits awesome?!?! I love them, and you sure can’t beat the prices!!

And now a little something from me…  FONTS.

Are you a font-aholic?  I am… (I’m also a template-aholic and a scrap-aholic… but we’ll save those topics for another day!)  If you’re not, well, I’m hoping to convert you. Come to the dark side. Ahem, I mean, FONT side!

How much thought do you put into the fonts you use in your journaling or titles? Do you  just stick with the same basic typefaces that come with your computer (courier, times new roman, etc.)? If you didn’t already know it… the right font can REALLY make a difference on your layouts. Your journaling tells your story, but the font you choose can help convey emotion. We don’t even realize how many fonts we actually see in a day. Every time you pick up a box in the grocery store, every time you see a movie, every time you look at a billboard, pick up a book, turn on the computer… the list goes on and on. Any time you READ anything at all. FONTS. So there are fonts we automatically associate with certain products or movies. So think about all these things when you’re creating your layouts.

Having told you that I’m a font-aholic, I should tell you that I have collected more fonts than I can possibly keep up with. When I start searching for just the right font, it’s a very long process. So I’m creating lists to make my search process a little easier, and I want to share those with you! I’m working alphabetically, so we’ll start off with the A’s.

I narrowed my “A” list down to thirty fonts. Yeah. I have a serious font-hoarding problem. THIRTY!! (Just wait ’til you see the other letters… WHOA!) Now I already have these fonts, but just in case you see something you like, I’ve included all the lovely links for you below. Just click the names below to be taken to the page where you can find these. And the best part is they’re all available for FREE!!

A Hundred MilesA Little SunshineA Safe Place to FallA Sensible Armadillo

A Year Without Rain – Addis AbabaAdmiration PainsAdventure

Airplanes in the Night Skyaka Potsley – Alex BrushArrivals and Departures

Alice in WonderlandAligot de Mirabelle – Armonioso – Allura

Authentic Ratatouille – Always ForeverAlwaysHere

An Unfortunate EventAngelic SerifAttack of the Cucumbers

Anjelika RoseAnnabel Script – Antsy PantsArellionArmy Rust

Austie Bost Somersaults – Avengeance Heroic Avenger – Awakening

Disclaimer: I am not the designer of any of these fonts and do not own the rights to them. While they are offered for free by the designers at the time of this post, this does not mean that they will always be offered for free. Further, even though I have downloaded all of these fonts personally, I cannot ensure the security of any of the various websites listed here. Download at your own risk!

How many movie / TV show / book fonts did you recognize from this list? I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Please let me know if you want to see more font lists in the future! If you like them, I’ll keep sharing them!

Have a great weekend!

~ Tammy

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