Sneak Peek – Will You Be This Week’s Winner?

I love Wednesdays. The first half of the week is over, and the weekend is well within sight. Plus, I get the added bonus of showing you all a teaser of what Friday will bring! This week, it’s TEMPLATES!! I have a slight addiction to templates. If you’re in the same boat, you’ll be a happy camper this week!

Sneak Peek

Take a couple of quick mouse-clicks over to the Little Rad Trio Facebook page, and leave a comment on this Sneak Peek post there, for your chance to WIN this new kit! I’ll pick a random winner on Friday morning.

Good luck!

~ Tammy


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Open Galleries to share your gorgeousness….

Is that even a word??LOL anyway I often look for open galleries, you know ones where your not bound to use the products of that particular store unless you want to of course. The main rules are though that you can only credit the designer of said kit and or template but share no links outside of this particular store gallery. I love this! I post everywhere and anywhere possible. I think I may have over 20 different accounts for my layouts. I even use more than one for completely open galleries such as DigiShopTalk (DST) and DigiChick. I love the no holds barred feeling of being able to not only credit the makers of my supplies but the links to where you can find them if you so choose to.

Here are a few of the galleries I know of and if you have anymore I would love a comment or an email.

DigiShopTalk or DST as it’s more commonly known: Is completely open with no rules as to outside links. The only downside is you can only upload up to 5 images a day.

Scraps-N-Pieces: You may post here openly as well but no outside links and you must credit the designer(s) and you are limited to posting up to 10 images a day.

GingerScraps: You may post here with any products as long as you of course credit the designer and such using no outside links. You are allowed to post up to 8 images per day.

Scrapbird: Open gallery here also with the same credit rules and no outside links but you can post as many images as you wish per day.

Digichick: This has a completely open gallery. You may post links for the products you use as long as your not making an ad (not sure what that would entail..LOL but nonetheless) You are not limited as to how many images you can post, so post and post away I say….

Plain Digital Wrapper: This is an open gallery but no outside links and credit the designer(s) please. You may post up to 8 images a day. This is another open gallery with rules of no outside links but crediting the designer(s) is a must. There are no limits as to how many images you may post here. Fabulous!!

Well, I hope you found at least a couple new places you didn’t already know. Until next time, I will be scrolling through all of the beautiful layouts contained throughout these wonderful galleries and maybe soon will be having a GSO (Gallery Stand Out) or two, or three….. posted here using Little Rad Trio’s products!

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Who’s Ready for Spring? Check Out the New Gingerscraps Buffet!

Happy March, everyone! Time to flip over the calendar, and that means it’s time for the Gingerscraps Buffet! This month is all about happy, spring colors. And each kit is 50% off right now! (Images below are linked to the store.)

Full kit:Full Kit

Individual pieces:

Or save time with the full bundle!Bundle

ctinspirationLayout by MellyLayout by Em Layout by DonnaLayout by JenniferLayout by JudyLayout by Jenny Layout by AnitaLayout by Shellby Layout by Robin Layout by Rae

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In case you missed Friday’s blog post, here’s a reminder about my new Welcome Wagon mini! It’s called “Family Rules”.

Click on the preview to be taken to the forum with all the details. Be sure to check out all the other goodies the Gingerscraps Designers have for you HERE.
ctinspirationFR byJudy FR-byRobin FR-by Em FRbyJenFR-byDonna

Have a great week, everyone!


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New Welcome Wagon!

Hi everyone! Tammy here…

Whew, it’s finally Friday! I wanted to let you all know about the Welcome Wagon at Gingerscraps.  Have you seen this yet?  It’s AWESOME.

The Gingerscraps designers want you to feel welcome in our community. So they’ve put together lots of goodies for you – and I do mean LOTS. And best of all, it’s all FREE! Come by and check it out! Little Rad Trio’s contribution is new today.  Click the preview below to be taken to the forum thread.

And be sure to stop by and see what all the other designers have to offer!


FR-byDonna FRbyJen FR-byRobin FR-by Em

Have a great weekend!

~ Tammy


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Buffet Sneak Peek

No new release today, but there WILL be a new release on Sunday… the Gingerscraps Buffet!

Sneak PeekCheck out the Little Rad Trio Facebook page, and leave a comment on the Sneak Peek post for a chance to win it! I’ll pick a random winner Sunday morning from the comments there.

Good luck and have a great weekend!

~ Tammy


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Oh for the love of those beautiful shadows ….

Hi there my lovelies…it’s Yvette for Little Rad Trio and I am here to talk about shadows. Shadows? Yes! Shadows! I don’t know about you but I am in love with the look of them and the different ways I see layout designers use them. I see deep ones, light ones and ones that look so enticing it seems like the element is about to float off the page. I often look through galleries and try to learn the ways of the shadow….I, myself will try different ways of making my shadows only to feel well, empty. I mean because the elements and or papers look flat and have no depth to them. I think why the heck did I just spend an hour doing this layout it looks horrible? I am very critical of my work as I am sure a lot of us creative types are. So I am searching the web for those techniques that will give us that edge, that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’…that something that will surely get others saying “Wow! I want to know how they did that?”

First you can just do a google search and may come up with one or two items that will tickle your fancy. But I want more so much more, so….

I guess it depends on where you look and how you want the shadowing done. What I mean is do you use Photoshop 5, 6 etc., or do you use Photoshop Elements 10, 11 and so on. Or….are you like me and use Corel Paintshop Pro? I have found very little if any tutorials and or links for Paintshop Pro so this post may not be very helpful for now but I promise I will search the ends of the earth until I find some very interesting and helpful links and such for us Paintshop users.

Another thing to think about when it comes to learning about shadowing is; are you willing to take classes? Are you willing to pay for a program to teach you? Or do you just want an easy and quick tutorial whether it be step by step in written directions or via YouTube? If your like me and have children or a helpless husband then sometimes a simple link is the easiest route. I will of course be giving you more options throughout this post and at the end and you can always message me, drop me an email or smoke signal me a question and or suggestion. I love ideas and may use one in a future post.

I don’t know about you but I looooove Pinterest. I have found very interesting ideas and recipes there. I often sit on my computer in the morning after my boys are off to school and hubby is at work with my HUGE cup of java and pin, PIN, P-I-N!!! I think I may be addicted…hmmm..something to think about….maybe later…oooh coffee cake!! Oh sorry, back to shadows. Anyway, Pinterest is an idea for a lot of us looking to try new techniques. Just put digital scrap shadowing techniques in the search bar or any version of that and WOW!

Here is one from the Daily Digi using PSE:

Top Tips — for great shadows:

1) Keep the direction of light the same.

2) Keep the size proportional for the size of the object

3) The bigger the space between the object and its’ shadow, the lighter the shadow will be (the shadow for a piece of paper placed directly on top of another paper will be darker and less opaque than a button or flowers).

4) Play with the blend mode. Using the color burn mode when applying a shadow to acrylic works best.

Full post HERE

Of course if you think you need a step by step video you can always go to Youtube and enter similar words in the search bar: shadowing digital scrapbooking or the like and get something like this:


Lastly, you can go the more expensive route and buy programs or scrapping classes. For that you can always use google search or do what I do and ask your fellow layout designers for advice. No reason to shell out your hard earned money for something that isn’t worth the price, especially if you can learn it for free online. No matter what you choose to do shadows are like personalities not everyone is going to like the same thing you do. As long as you put your heart into what you design and as long as you can look at it and it makes you smile from not only the nostalgia of the photo but the whole layout itself then you are doing it right.

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More Wine? Yes, Please!

More WINE…. Less WHINE!! I think we can all get behind that concept! Do you have a favorite wine? Have you ever enjoyed visiting local wineries? If you’ve ever toured the wine country, been to France or Italy, or just enjoy a good wine with dinner, this kit is for you. Even if you’re not a wine drinker, the colors are classic and rich, and can be used for just about anything. This beautiful kit is on sale for 30% off the first week!!Full KitSolids (incl in full kit)

The solid papers are included with the full kit.




The word strips are included with the Word Art set.

Word Artword strips (incl in word art)

Or grab them all together in the Bundle!


ctinspirationLayout by JudyLayout by Donna Layout by Jennifer Layout by Jenny Layout by ShellbyLayout by MellyLayout by Jessica Layout by Lyn Layout by Michi Layout by Michi2 Layout by Rae Layout by RobinLayout by Lashawn


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Have a great weekend!

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Having Fun with Little Rad Trio….

Hi there,  I am here to bring you some new and interesting ideas for 2015.  I am Yvette, new blogger for Jenn and Little Rad Trio, I am going to be bringing you some new and fresh ideas for your scrapping pleasure.  Tricks, tips, trends and ideas for your scrapbooking layouts and designs. Like many of you, I am always trying to find the best and coolest ideas for my layouts. Even the most seasoned layout designers love new ways of making that photo pop or element shine. If your like me, you love finding new ways of making your layouts fabulous. Either with new shadowing techniques and or the newest tech tweeks, making your design stand out in the gallery. And if you are a Little Rad Trio fan like I am, and are in love with Jenn’s templates and kits then my future blog posts will be for you. I plan on searching every nook and cranny the world wide web and beyond has to offer just for you. I will be posting anything and everything scrap related. If you have any ideas or comments as to what you would like to see or would like for me to find out about please feel free to comment here, or send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you all and I hope you look forward to my posts.

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Wednesday Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win It!

It’s that time of the week again! Jennifer has a brand new kit coming out this Friday. I’ve seen it, and it is AWESOME!

Look for this Sneak Peek posted on the Little Rad Trio Facebook page. Leave a comment on this Facebook post, and I’ll pick a random winner on Friday morning!

Good luck, everyone!

~ Tammy

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Bake Sale Time

The bake sale is live at Gingerscraps.  Head on over to grab these items for only $1.00 each through Feb 20th.  After the 20th, Love Letters will be retired for good.  02_2015

Here’s a closer look at each of the bake sale items.  LRT_loveletters_FKpreviewLRT_outsidebox_preview


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